Jewellery purchased from Carmen Jewellers

Our limited warranty applies on the manufactured jewellery items sold in our stores and custom make jewellery made specially for our valued customers.

Our obligation to repair or replace under warranty will not apply to any piece of jewellery which has been subject to wear and tear, misuse, modification, attempted repair, negligence or accident.

Our skilled jewellers will assess the jewellery brought in for repair or replace under warranty to determine whether we are able to replace or repair under warranty.

If a piece of jewellery is brought back in which has been subject to wear and tear, the general cost to repair the jewellery will apply.


Due care is taken when accepting customer’s repairs, but all repairs are only accepted at customer’s own risk and our limited warranty does not cover for any loss or damage due to unforeseen circumstances.

If any item of jewellery is damaged again after the customer collects it, we are not liable to repair item if the damage is not at the same spot where we repaired it.

If the item gets damaged on the same spot that we repaired it, then we will provide you with a complimentary one-time repair. After the one-time complimentary repair, we are not liable to fix the jewellery item if it breaks again at the same spot.